2017.10.7 Release

Sasammy 2nd Album 【Rainbow's End】

販売元:URBAN JAZZ 一期一会


Sasammy(Vocal&Trombone) / 柳隼一(Piano&Arrange)

1 Karma Chameleon

2 Can't Give You Anything

3 Summertime

4 Someone To Light Up My Life

5 'Round Midnight

6 Sugar Baby Love

7 Stayin' Alive

8 Moon River

9 What A Wonderful World

10 My One And Only Love

2016.6.15 Release

萩原えり子 with The Double Role [First Stage]

販売元:URBAN JAZZ 一期一会


萩原えり子(P&Vo) / 山岸笙子(P&Vo) / Sasammy(Vo&Tb) / 大西慎吾(B&G) / 貝増直樹(Dr&Per)

1.L'amour est bleu

2.La Mer

3.Stolen Moments


5.Just Squeeze Me

6.Georgy Porgy

7.It Don't Mean A thing

8.Chega de Saudade

9.Afro Blue

10.Mas que nada

2014.3.12 Release

Sasammy 1st Album [SASAMMYSTIC]

販売元:URBAN JAZZ 一期一会


Sasammy(Vo) / 萩原えり子 (P&Cho) / 山岸笙子 (P) / 大西慎吾(B) / 貝増直樹(Dr&Per)

寺地美穂 (A.Sax) / 宮本すずよ (Cho) /中村ひかる (Cho) / はまぞう (Cho)

1. Spain(I Can Recall)

2. Rosanna

3. You're My Everything

4. Four

5. Corner Of The Sky

6. The Rose

7. New York, New York

8. Street Life

9. Here's To Love

10. You Raise Me Up